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About us



About us

      Wuxi xieke furnace industry Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Hudai Industrial Park on the shore of Taihu Lake. It is a modern heat treatment equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and service. The company's main business: controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace, controlled atmosphere well furnace, controlled atmosphere well nitriding furnace, pre vacuum nitriding furnace, gas normalizing furnace, deep well furnace, etc. It can realize carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, quenching and tempering, tempering, annealing, cleaning, cooling and other heat treatment processes. The company has a professional and advanced team, mainly serving the heat treatment enterprises in China and Southeast Asia, specializing in the communication and maintenance services of instruments, such as euro2604, Deming, Se, PE and other carburizing and nitriding instruments, and has built a solid and lasting cooperation platform with various enterprises.


      With China's heat treatment industry moving towards the world and maturity today, the requirements for heat treatment equipment are becoming higher and higher. Energy saving, intelligent environmental protection and reliable operation of the equipment are our primary tasks at present.


      Wuxi xieke has a professional technical team, responding to the call of the state, using new technology, independent innovation, pragmatic development, constantly expanding itself with new technology and new patents, making due contributions to the brand strategy of China and the scientific and technological innovation strategy of heat treatment industry. As a professional manufacturer of high-end equipment, Wuxi cooperated with reliable quality, high quality service, quick response and preferential price to serve the relevant heat treatment related enterprises. The team is like this Oriental Pearl in the heat treatment industry, giving out dazzling glare and heading for a new future.