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What is the nitriding furnace made up of?

作者│↟│:admin | 釋出時間│↟│:2021-06-28

What is the nitriding furnace made up of?

Nitriding furnace is a device which ionizes the nitrogen containing thin gas in a vacuum vessel in a DC electric field, and the positive ion bombards the surface of metal parts to form a nitriding layer to achieve surface hardening. It has remarkable nitriding effect on nodular iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, powder metallurgy products, titanium alloy, high speed steel and tool steel.

Nitriding furnace is composed of furnace body, transmission device, vacuum acquisition system, power supply system, gas supply system and temperature measurement.

first. The furnace body is composed of furnace cover, cylinder body, furnace chassis and bottom frame, in which the furnace cover, cylinder body and furnace chassis are provided with cooling water. Stainless steel and alloy aluminum double-layer insulation screen are set in the furnace, and the furnace body is equipped with double tempered glass for observation of the situation in the furnace during the process of ion nitriding.

second. Two sets of cathode transmission device are set on the furnace cover, one set of thermocouple hanging column is installed on it. The user shall design the spreader according to the processed parts and hang the workpiece on the hanging plate by means of the spreader.

third. The vacuum acquisition system of furnace body is generally composed of two rotary vane vacuum pumps and a series of pipe system with disc valve. The function of disc valve is to adjust the air extraction volume by closing or rotating different angles to maintain the pressure in the furnace under different intake conditions. The vacuum value is read out by a matching vacuum meter for measuring the vacuum degree.

fourth. The inlet of the air supply pipe of the furnace body is set on the shell and barrel, and one rotor flowmeter with hydrogen calibration / nitrogen calibration

fifth. Thermocouple is inserted into furnace through a thermocouple hanging column, and simulated measurement is conducted. Temperature is recorded by instrument and temperature is controlled by P, I and D.

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