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Development prospect of heat treatment process

作者▩↟│▩:admin | 釋出時間▩↟│▩:2021-06-28


Heat treatment equipment process materials (quenching agent, penetrant, anti-seepage agent, atmosphere and salt bath) and auxiliary materials (cleaning agent, antirust agent, desiccant, catalyst, etc.) are important parts of heat treatment technology.

In addition to the automobile industry, other manufacturing industries are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. These enterprises will not be small and comprehensive, but mainly rely on collaborative processing. This will encourage more private heat treatment enterprises to emerge in coastal and inland cities where small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises are relatively concentrated. At present, there is a trend that foreign-funded enterprises have invested in the construction of heat treatment plants, which shows this point. The development of heat treatment processing industry is also stimulated by the large demand of light industry mold, basic parts, automobile and motorcycle parts.

However, there is a surplus of heat treatment processing capacity in China. The average utilization rate of equipment is only 30%. The heat treatment departments of many large state-owned factories carry out single shift and two shift production, or fish for three days and dry the net for two days. After the transformation and independence of the heat treatment plants and workshops of these enterprises, the enthusiasm of foreign cooperation will be greatly increased, resulting in an impact on the existing heat treatment market. With the further increase of private enterprises, there will be fierce competition for customers and competitive price reduction, which will have a negative impact on product quality and enterprise reputation.

In the early stage of China's market development, forging heat treatment equipment has been widely used in industry, and in the induction heating industry, forging heat treatment equipment occupies a very important position, known as the protector of heat treatment. With the continuous enhancement of China's technical strength, the technical level of forging heat treatment equipment has also been greatly improved, and it has successfully become the ideal production equipment for food enterprises.

We know that for China, the development of heat treatment equipment industry is related to the stable development of society. Therefore, forging heat treatment equipment, as the production equipment of heat treatment industry, also plays a very important role in the development of society, shouldering great social responsibility. When enterprises choose forging heat treatment equipment, quality is an important weight to measure whether the equipment is good or bad. In other words, the horizontal ink wheel forging heat treatment equipment with good quality is the choice of enterprises. Therefore, for forging heat treatment equipment manufacturers, it is very important to improve the quality of equipment, which determines whether the enterprise can achieve better development. Since the forging heat treatment equipment with good quality, successfully participate in the production of heat treatment enterprises, greatly improve the metal production efficiency, but also save a lot of production costs for enterprises, so as to create great market benefits for enterprises.